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What about us?

We were digital before it was cool. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary. In this time we have had the opportunity to serve more than one generation of customers. The best part is, we now enjoy watching our clients, designers, vendors as they welcome the next generation. We've watched them graduate, start businesses, get married, start a family, grow up, and grow old! 

As technology changes and improves we try to stay on the cutting (sometimes bleeding) edge. Offering our customers the opportunity to stay local with their printing projects. 

Personal info:

My name is Jessica Cummings. Along with my husband Les, we own and operate Digital Print and Design.

Our only employee is Abbie - fortunately, she works for food. Her job is to entertain our customers. She does her job well. I'll include her picture because she's much cuter than we are.

We hope you'll stop by sometime. Say hi, have a beverage of choice, there is always a candy dish on the counter. But if you can't make it by we do ship all over the United States. (but we don't send Abbie)



Abbie the Labbie

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